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Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Nutrition and Food Therapy Training Program

Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Nutrition and Food Therapy Training Program


TCM is a natural-law based medical system as well as a preventive medical. It’s not only for treating disease but more about natural ways of health living that you can apply in daily life.


The purpose of this training class is to Say goodbye to medicine, serious and chronic diseases !
Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Nutrition and Food Therapy Training Program will train you how to use real whole foods and healthy lifestyle to prevent disease and cure illnesses at early stage.


It’ll benefit your whole life. After learning you grasp a tool to improve and preserve health for you and your family.
You’ll learn what’s right eating habit and healthy lifestyle ; and how to improve healthy qi(immunity system) ; how to avoid pathogenic factors. You’ll become not easy to be attacked by diseases (at least cold and cough). Even if you got an illness you know how to use whole foods and nature herbs to treat at early stage. So you don’t have chance to have chronic and serious diseases.

What you’ll learn

1.TCM fundamentals

  • Yin Yang theory and application in diagnosis and treatment ; Food and herb application in yin yang balance
  • Five-element (phase ) theory and application in diagnosis and treatment
  • Qi, blood, body fluid ; Food and herb application in dysfunction of Qi,blood, and body fluid
  • Zangxiang theory-Five important organs : their functions ; Symptoms,, therapeutic methods, therapeutic foods, natural herbs, formulas/recipes for each organ dysfunction
  • Food property
  • Causes of disease and therapeutic principle from TCM perspective
  • Diagnostics
  • Theory of Meridians
  • Nine-constitution body types-find your own body type
  • How to arrange your diet/life in 24 hours (a day)- Zi Wu Liu Zhu
  • How to arrange your diet/life in 4 seasons/24 solar terms
  • Wu Yun Liu Qi (Five element movements and Six energy changes)
  • Learn which organs are weak for you

2. Food Therapy foods, herbs, and recipes for common illnesses but not limited to the followings

  • Lung related- cough, cold, skin problem
  • Liver related- stress, anxiety, thyroid, breast gland, headache
  • Stomach related- digestion, constipation, diarrhea, stomachache
  • Heart related- sleeplessness, palpitation, etc.
  • Others : Women’s health, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, liver fatty/weight loss

3. Others

  • Basic Qi Gong exercises
  • Cooking Demo onsite

There are two types of classes :

1.4 full days of Intensive Training Class,usually on Sat&Sun.

Price : RMB4000, early bird RMB3500

Time : 9:30am-5:30pm
Dates :
February : 1st time-13&14, 20&21
2nd time-16&17, 23&24
Address : 357 Xiang Yang Nan Lu

2.17 weeks training. One morning each week. 3 hours each session.

There are 3 levels, level 1 & 2 are 12 sessions, level 3 is 5 sessions

Tuition : RMB6000
One time pay : RMB5400
You may pay by levels, each level is RMB2000

Address : 15floor, 58 Jiaozhou Road, JingAn Temple station, line2/line7/Line12/line13

(17 sessions)
Time : 9:30am-12:30pm
Dates:Feb,28 ; Mar7,14,21,28(level one)
May9,16(level two),23,30
June7,14,21,28(level three)

About the teacher :

Anna Na is National Registered (TCM) Food Therapy and Health Care teacher. She Studied Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) for more than 10 years. The training programs benefit many people all over the world. Her work is featured in NPR.

Anna is the founder of AnnaFoodTherapy Studio which provides TCM related education and consultation. Besides TCM Food Therapy Training,there are guasha/cupping/moxibustion training, and acupuncture training.

Please visit her website for details :

Here is the testimony :
Contact : Anna Na
Mobile/wechat : 13816719810
Email :
Address : 15floor, 58 JiaoZhou Road, JingAn Temple